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Jun 24, 2018
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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ DLL Files Problems FIX | These libraries are required by many applications built by using Microsoft C and C++ tools.

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺ DLL αƒ€αƒαƒ˜αƒšαƒ”αƒ‘αƒ˜αƒ‘ αƒžαƒ αƒαƒ‘αƒšαƒ”αƒ›αƒ˜αƒ‘ მოგვარება | ებ αƒ“αƒ αƒαƒ˜αƒ•αƒ”αƒ αƒ”αƒ‘αƒ˜ αƒ’αƒαƒœαƒ™αƒ£αƒ—αƒ•αƒœαƒ˜αƒšαƒ˜αƒ αƒ›αƒ αƒαƒ•αƒαƒšαƒ˜ αƒžαƒ αƒαƒ’αƒ αƒαƒ›αƒ˜αƒ‘αƒ—αƒ•αƒ˜αƒ‘, αƒ αƒαƒ›αƒ”αƒšαƒ˜αƒͺ შეαƒ₯αƒ›αƒœαƒ˜αƒšαƒ˜αƒ Microsoft C და C ++ αƒ˜αƒœαƒ‘αƒ’αƒ αƒ£αƒ›αƒ”αƒœαƒ’αƒ”αƒ‘αƒ˜αƒ‘ αƒ’αƒαƒ›αƒαƒ§αƒ”αƒœαƒ”αƒ‘αƒ˜αƒ—.

πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Π˜ΡΠΏΡ€Π°Π²ΠΈΡ‚ΡŒ ΠŸΡ€ΠΎΠ±Π»Π΅ΠΌΡ‹ с Ρ„Π°ΠΉΠ»Π°ΠΌΠΈ DLL | Π­Ρ‚ΠΈ Π±ΠΈΠ±Π»ΠΈΠΎΡ‚Π΅ΠΊΠΈ Ρ‚Ρ€Π΅Π±ΡƒΡŽΡ‚ΡΡ для ΠΌΠ½ΠΎΠ³ΠΈΡ… ΠΏΡ€ΠΈΠ»ΠΎΠΆΠ΅Π½ΠΈΠΉ, созданных с использованиСм инструмСнтов Microsoft C ΠΈ C ++.

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