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Brave Browser - Install and make money

MR Red

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Jun 27, 2019

Brave Browser is a chromium based browser that pay you money while you browse the internet. Basically it removes ads and substitute for tokens that pay webmasters and reward users. The rewards are unlocked after 30 days of using Brave Browser.

Browse up to 3x faster
Block ads & trackers that follow you around
Get paid for using the browser

Visit & Download
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From Darkness to Light
Founder CEO
Jun 24, 2018
Georgia, Tbilisi
แƒ™แƒแƒ แƒ’แƒ˜แƒ, แƒกแƒฌแƒ แƒแƒคแƒ˜แƒ แƒ“แƒ แƒ›แƒแƒ แƒ—แƒšแƒแƒช แƒ แƒแƒ› แƒ‘แƒšแƒแƒ™แƒแƒ•แƒก แƒ แƒ”แƒ™แƒšแƒแƒ›แƒ”แƒ‘แƒก แƒฉแƒแƒจแƒ”แƒœแƒ”แƒ‘แƒฃแƒšแƒ˜ แƒแƒฅแƒ•แƒก แƒ‘แƒšแƒแƒ™แƒ”แƒ แƒ˜, แƒ›แƒแƒ’แƒ แƒแƒ› แƒกแƒแƒœแƒ“แƒแƒแƒ‘แƒ˜แƒก แƒ›แƒฎแƒ แƒ˜แƒ• แƒแƒ แƒ•แƒ˜แƒชแƒ˜ แƒฏแƒ”แƒ  แƒ•แƒแƒ›แƒแƒฌแƒ›แƒ”แƒ‘ แƒกแƒแƒ“แƒ›แƒ” แƒแƒ แƒแƒกแƒฌแƒแƒ แƒแƒ“ แƒฎแƒแƒ› แƒแƒ  แƒแƒ’แƒ–แƒแƒ•แƒœแƒ˜แƒก แƒคแƒแƒ˜แƒšแƒ”แƒ‘แƒก, แƒ“แƒแƒšแƒจแƒ” แƒ“แƒแƒ›แƒ”แƒ•แƒแƒกแƒ แƒ›แƒแƒฎแƒ”แƒ แƒฎแƒ”แƒ‘แƒฃแƒšแƒ˜ แƒ˜แƒœแƒขแƒ”แƒ แƒคแƒ”แƒ˜แƒกแƒ˜ แƒ“แƒ แƒกแƒฌแƒ แƒแƒคแƒ˜แƒ
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